"My Husband/Wife won’t give me a divorce. What can I do?"
Florida is a no-fault divorce state. As long as you have been a resident of the State of Florida for more than 6 months prior to filing for the divorce and you consider the marriage to be irretrievably broken, the Court will grant the divorce even if your spouse doesn’t agree.

"Although we now live in Florida, we were married in Venezuela. Can I obtain a Florida divorce?"
Yes. It is the place of residence, not the place of marriage that governs.

"I have been a homemaker and mother during the marriage and my Husband owns and operates a business. He is very protective of financial information. How can I make decisions without knowing about or understanding business and financial matters?"
The divorce process requires both parties to make complete disclosure of their financial affairs. Bank accounts, credit card accounts and all other records of income, assets and liabilities can be subpoenaed and produced for examination and analysis.

"We both love our children and are good parents. However, we disagree about with whom they will reside and who pays child support to who and how much?"
Florida law now requires the parties to enter into a “parenting plan." It is a very detailed plan spelling out how you both will deal with these issues. Usually, the parties tend to agree after some discussion. If they cannot, then the Court will make the decision on the plan to be followed. Child support is governed by a Statute that computes child support based upon factors in each case.



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